Teflon hose has risen in popularity recently – the fact that it’s impervious to almost every conceivable automotive fluid has a lot to do with it, and with ethanol, MTBE, and heaven knows what else making its way into gasoline nowadays, chemical compatibility is a big deal when it comes time to plumb your car. That’s a job you only want to do once, so Fragola Performance System’s 6000-series PTFE-lined braided stainless hose is an excellent choice.

6000-series hose can be used with brake fluid, oil, coolant, and of course, fuel – it can even stand up to power steering or air conditioning applications. Up until now, though, if you wanted something bigger than -8, you were out of luck. All that has changed with Fragola’s introduction of -10 6000-series Teflon hose, along with straight, 45, and 90 degree fittings to match.