You can see in this picture that the new design has much more tightly packed tubes and fins

Racing is all about minimal weight and maximum power.  Anytime racers can shave weight off their rides, it equates to faster laps down or around the track.  But what if you could reduce weight and size while also increasing the efficiency of a racing product?  Sounds like the perfect world scenario, and that is exactly what Fluidyne is doing with their redesigned line of radiators.

Original design with thicker tubes and fins

Fluidyne started as an oil cooler company in 1993.  Since then, they have evolved into one of the leading radiator companies, producing applications for all forms of racing, as well as street use. By comparison, a typical three-core radiator is four-inches thick, and the new design is 2.5-inches thick.  Want to go from a three to four core radiator?  The size only increases about .25-inch over the three core unit!

Fluidyne is paving the way to more efficient street and racing radiators for less money than the competition!

• 20% lighter and 40% more tube and fin on new design
• Thickness of radiator reduced 30%
• Increased cooling with a more compact design