Flowmaster Mufflers and performance automobiles go together like Hansel and Gretel, bees and honey, and peanut butter and jelly. Their mufflers and exhaust systems have long been the benchmark in performance exhaust with a sound that is truly unmistakable, and the quality and performance that goes along with it is virtually unmatched.

Flowmaster has on hand here at PRI several cutaway views of many of the popular mufflers in their catalog to educate buyers on just what goes into creating that signature tone while maintaining impressive levels of performance. And while not a new product, one of those is the Super 10 Series, quite possibly the most aggressive sounding model available.

They are in fact so aggressive that the company doesn’t even recommend them for use on street driven vehicles. Suited for racing applications, these single chamber mufflers feature Flowmaster’s patented Delta Flow Technology and are constructed of durable 409S stainless steel for long life under even the harshest of conditions. These are offered in several inlet and outlet configurations, from 2.5″ inlet/2.5″ outlet on up to 3″ on each end.

  • Most aggressive sounding mufflers in the Flowmaster lineup
  • Constructed of durable 409S stainless steel for long life
  • Offered in a variety of configurations from 2.5″ to 3″