PRI 2010: Fidanza’s Short-Throw Shifters

The purpose of a short throw shifter is a common misconception by many who simply don’t understand what they accomplish and how they differ from simply chopping off a couple inches of the factory shifter. A true short throw shifter reduces the distance your hand has to move to engage the net gear, thereby reducing unwanted wasted time between shifts. The angle that the shifter travels between the changing of gears is reduced, making shifting a much quicker process.

For all of you fifth-gen Camaro and C5/C6 owners looking to swap out your shifters for something that aids in rowing the gears just a tad bit quicker, Fidanza has the answer with their 304 Stainless Steel Short-Throw shifters that feature a precision fit and finish using high tolerances and CNC machining, with smooth form and function. While many other manufacturers address on specific area of a shifter, Fidanza has gone what they describe as overkill with their new design.

These sport a sealed cartridge bearings that offer added performance and durability with less resistance to wear than other shifters on the market, and the Silicone Damper reduces vibration and noise for enhanced operation. With a 30% shorter throw, you’ll certainly get quicker shifts. These shifters have an OEM fit and one of their greatest benefits is the sheer ease of installation. While these shifters pictured are made for a BMW 528i and a Cadillac CTS-V, Fidanza offers them for the 2010 Camaro and Camaro SS and 97-04 and 2005 and up Corvettes. As well, the guys indicated that a Ford Mustang shifter is in the design phase and coming soon.

  • Short-Throw shifter with 30% less throw for quicker shifts
  • Silcone Damper reduces vibration and noise for enhanced operation
  • CNC machined 304 Stainless Steel
  • Made for 2010 Camaro and C5/C6 Corvettes

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