Federal-Mogul’s Fel-Pro multi-layer steel (MLS) head gaskets is a household name for many racers.  They are designed and manufactured to handle the special needs of big power engines — supercharged, nitrous injected or naturally aspirated.  In high horsepower engines, especially in boosted applications, a cylinder head wants to lift from the block.  This is where the majority of blown head gasket situations come from in racing.  The MLS head gasket uses a minimum of four layers of stainless steel that are laser welded to each other.  If the cylinder head begins to lift, the gasket can expand along with it.  Also the rubber coating maximizes the seal on the stainless top and bottom layers.

Federal Mogul has also recently released their new gaskets designed for high engine temperatures, called High Temperature Alloy (HTA).  It helps ensure long-term exhaust sealing, even on the most demanding powertrain applications with fluctuating high temperatures. The HTA technology, has been tested on multiple NASCAR cup teams at temperatures over 1,600 degrees.  This includes over 19,000 track tested miles on gaskets that have been removed and resealed over 50 times. HTA gaskets are available with specifications matched to the individual thermal and mechanical requirements of a wide range of demanding applications, including turbochargers, downpipes, exhaust manifolds and EGR.

PermaTorqueMLS head gaskets provide the following benefits:

• MLS maintains contact pressure between the cylinder head and block.
• Seals combustion, oil and coolant despite extreme horizontal and vertical motion between head and block
• Distributes clamping loads strategically across the entire cylinder head for optimized sealing