Fuel Air Spark Technology’s XFI standalone engine management system has become a favorite with racers and street performance enthusiasts who need the power and flexibility of a full-featured electronic fuel injection and ignition control system. Over the past few years, it’s proven to be durable, easy to learn and use, and a race-winning setup. But successful companies like FAST never leave well enough alone, and they’ve just introduced a 2.0 update to their XFI software. All new XFI units will ship with this improved firmware, while existing XFI owners will be able to upgrade to 2.0’s advantages with their existing hardware.

“So what are those advantages,” you ask? FAST’s engineers have listened to racers and incorporated new features and expanded capabilities like advanced forced induction, power adder, and race controls. XFI 2.0 incorporates two separate fully programmable sequential rev limiters for staging or boost building with six options for activation. For turbo tuners, there’s a time-based boost controller, user-selectable fixed VE and/or fixed timing for boost building and staging repeatability. Nitrous guys get progressive control built in with configurations for both dry and wet systems, separate tables for nitrous solenoid control and fueling for improved dry tuning, and much more.

For the street, there’s the newly-added ability to control variable valve timing systems, plus a new self-learning Auto Tune VE table that automates the process of building a base tune. New spark and fuel vs coolant temperature offset tables enhance hot performance and cold start tuning, and improved on board diagnostitics and user-selectable power adder deactivation on fault codes make XFI 2.0 more user-friendly than ever.