PRI 2010: Eaton’s Aeroquip StartLite Hoses

The function of hoses on an engine may be simple, but these hoses have to stand up to a lot of punishment. High heat, abrasion, extreme pressures and other outside influences can all affect the life and performance of your hoses.

Eaton, maker of rear ends and superchargers, now also makes Aeroquip performance hoses. They are the only actual manufacturer of both the performance hose and fittings, and they undergo rigorous testing procedures to ensure their strength. This includes the popular StartLite hoses, which is made from a fire proof Nomex/Kevlar cover that is also resistant to abrasion.

Not only are they strong and fireproof, but StartLite black hoses are up to 45% lighter than comparable steel braided hoses. If you were to replace all your steel braided hoses with StartLite hoses, you could see a weight savings of up to 20 pounds. They are rated up to 200psi.

However, just like all Aeroquip hoses, the Startlite hoses go through a “100 Proof” testing procedure before leaving the warehouse. Each hose is built with withstand four times the rated working pressure before failing, and each hose is actually tested to two times the rating to ensure is strength. Now that is product confidence if we’ve ever seen it.

  • Aeropquip builds both fittings and hoses for all its racing hose products
  • StartLite hoses weight 45% less and are fireproof and abrasion
  • All Aeroquip hoses undergo rigorous testing and designed to survive 4-times the rated pressure before failing.

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