The Diablosport Trinity was already one of the most advanced flash tuning devices on the planet, with the ability to tune, log, and record data, display and customize virtual gauges, read and clear trouble codes, and even simulate a dragstrip and dynomometer, but now they’ve gone even farther with a new software update that improves its look and functionality.

Don’t misunderstand – the 320×240 full color touch screen display was already easy to read and intuitive to use, but they’ve taken it to the next level with better graphics, more customization possible in the virtual gauges, and even downloadable “skins” that will make you see the Trinity like you never have before.

Best of all, it’s not just a benefit to those buying a new Trinity today – current owners can upgrade to the new software free of charge simply by visiting their support page and downloading the latest version. The Trinity is an all-in-one device that will never become outdated thanks to Diablosport’s dedication to customer service and support.