PRI 2010: Crow Cams, Australia’s Largest Camshaft Maker

We shed a lot of light on American performance companies at PRI, but there were plenty of Aussie companies exhibiting too. Australia has an impressive muscle car scene tough enough to handle the brutal Outback.

The largest supplier of performance camshafts in Australia is Crow Cams. They’ve been around for over 30 years. They’ve kept up with the times though, and have an assortment of camshafts and valvetrain components for modern GM LSX engines, as well as modular Ford motors. They’ve got complete kits from the rock arms and valve springs down to the camshaft, and their parts appear are popular on land and water.

Boat racing doesn’t get the notice it deserves in America, but Down Under it’s a very popular form of racing. Nathan Petty is the Jet Spring World Champion, and he uses Crow Cams in his boat. Jet Sprint racing involves two crew members on a tiny dingy with a V8 engine strapped on, racing through narrow channels in less than three feet of water.

It’s ballsy racing, and asks a lot from the engine. After 30 years though, Crow Cams are well known for their durability in the tough land of Australia, and they’re looking to make moves in the U.S. too. If you’re looking for some strong, reliable cam’s and a knowledgeable company, maybe check out Crow camshafts.

  • Australia’s largest camshaft maker
  • 30 years experience making cam’s
  • Also offer complete valvetrain kits

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