PRI 2010: Calvert Racing’s Adjustable CR Series Street/Strip Shock

If you’re a regular follower of our coverage, you’ve likely read about the exploits of some wicked fast racers utilizing suspension products Calvert Racing Suspensions. And if you’ve crawled under any number of racing or street/strip cars over the years, you’ve certainly seen their products at work.

When Calvert Racing President John Calvert was building his business and developing  his product line, he would buy up other manufacturers shocks, dissect them, and find what he liked and didn’t like to incorporate into his own shocks. One in particular that he was always fond of was Rancho’s oil-filled shock. When Rancho recently discontinued the off-road four-wheel drive shock, Calvert acquired the rights to the shock design, rebranding it as a Calvert CR Series unit. These are 9-way adjustable shocks, with an external dial for easy adjusting of rebound that is consistent throughout the range of clicks to allow for control of excessive rear body separation. The CR Series shock is designed for street and strip applications, although it has the mind of a true drag racing shock.

  • Formerly the Rancho 9000 shock
  • 9-way adjustable shocks, with an external dial for easy adjustability of rebound
  • Adjustable dial is consistent throughout the range of clicks
  • Designed for street and strip applications

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