Knowledge is power. The more you know about your engine, the better you can make it perform. Collecting that information, however, can be more than a bit difficult, and making it all the harder is the sheer volume of information being thrown at you. What’s a gearhead to do?

Well, you could get Auto Meter’s Multi-Function Dash Logger. This handy-dandy device fits easily on to your dashboard, sitting just seven inches wide and about four inches tall. Yet this compact contraption has nine user-definable channels to record information such as fuel or oil pressure, water temperature, engine or driveshaft RPM, and a whole variety of other functions. It can display up to six user-defined parameters at a time.

Furthermore, the user can define the sample rate, anywhere from 1 to 200 samples-per-second. The 2 megabyte memory system can store up to 18 minutes of information with all the channels in use sampling at 100 samples-per-second. That’s a lot of information on your car. Not only does it record data though, it also can warn you of impending engine doom as it features a programmable alarm system. This handy dandy dash unit sure can do a lot.

  • Features nine different channels to measure various automotive information
  • Can define sample rate and vehicular warning alarms
  • Stores information on everything from engine RPM to oil pressure