PRI 2010: Auto Meter Elite Series Digital Gauges

Automotive gauges are designed to deliver important data to the driver. Just how quickly and efficiently they deliver that data, however, has been a problem for quite some time. A water temperature gauge rising slowly but steadily can be easily overlooked until its too late. And how many of us have run out of gas simply because we weren’t paying attention?

Auto Meter has deigned to take all the guesswork out gauges with their new Elite Series Gauges. These gauges feature programmable colors, settings, warnings, and even programmable activation and deactivation points. That’s because they were designed for NASCAR drivers.

Auto Meter Elite Series gauges can be programmed to one of seven colors, from the traditional white background to blue, red, green, and others. What’s more, these gauges can also be programmed to respond to certain parameters by blinking or changing colors. It’s a great system that immediately lets you know precisely what is going with your car, and everything from water temp to fuel level to appropriate RPM’s can be managed. In fact, Elite Series tachometers are accurate to +/- 1 RPM.

Another nice feature of these gauges is their ability to react right away to certain circumstance via a 5 amp charge that can be wired to a relay that will do whatever you’d like. You could program electric fans to turn on once the water temperature reaches a certain degree, or dial in a kill switch if the revs go too high. So really, these are more than gauges, they brightly colored guardian-angels.

  • Programmable gauges can be set to flash at varying parameters
  • Choose from seven different colors
  • Can be set to a relay to activate fans, kill switch, or other devices automatically

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