Take a brief stroll through the booth of Yukon Gear & Axle and browse their product line and you’ll see these guys mean business, with a line of drivetrain components designed with strength and durability in mind. On prominent display in their booth here at PRI is their new 3-bolt Aluminum Dropout Case designed for Ford 9″ and similar rear end housings which are seen in many makes and models of performance vehicles these days with conversion kits on the market.

These new dropout cases, which are similar to Yukon’s current line of cases with some new modifications and features sport billet caps and adjusters and is designed with a relieved pilot bearing – a design element that Yukon addressed and is common in cases from other manufacturers. The 3-bolt dropouts are available in both a nodular iron and aluminum model, with the former capable of handling upwards of 1,200 horsepower and the latter up to 600, and are designed for straight-line racing applications that require superior strength.

  • Designed for Ford 9″ and similar rear end housings
  • Available in nodular iron (capable of handling 1,200 HP) and aluminum (600 HP)
  • Feature billet main caps and adjusters and a relieved pilot bearing