Fuel, Air Spark, Technology, FAST, is known around the world for their LS intake manifolds, self-tuning EZ-EFI systems, standalone engine management systems, and other high performance products. One piece of technology FAST hasn’t produced, until now, was a full line of ignition components. Working in conjunction with Crane Cams, FAST now offers everything from a simple points replacement, street and race ignition boxes, to distributors.

Their HI-6DSR is FAST’s premium ignition box intended for drag racing and street performance. Designed to work with engines having up to 14.5:1 compression ratios, nitrous, superchargers, or turbos, this fully digital, multi-spark, CD ignition box. Included is a dual stage rev limiter in increments of 100 from 600-9,900 rpm with the ease of dial knobs. For nitrous and turbo guys, there is an optional 0-20 degree adjustable timing retard and MAP sensor.

FAST’s Race Billet Distributor fits a wide range of applications including Ford, Chevy, and Mopar. Available in large and small cap options, these simple pieces are packed with a lot of technology, including highly accurate optical triggers along with billet aluminum housings and stainless steel shafts. Melanized steel gears work great for either billet or cast cams as well.

Finishing up their ignition platter is FAST’s full line of ignition coils. The LX92 is the professional grade race coil that is designed to be used with CD ignition boxes. FAST claims that these coils will produce up to 12 times greater output than an OE coil and is also compatible with other brand’s ignition boxes.