GM Announces $131 Million Investment in Corvette Plant

Rumors have been flying about the Internet about the next-generation Corvette, from what it will look like to what kind of engine it will have to where it will be built. While it might seem foolish for GM to uproot its Bowling Green, Kentucky Corvette assembly plant, these days we’re not ready to discount any rumor when it comes to the Big Three.

Worry not Corvette and Kentucky fans alike; via the Associated Press, GM has announced that it will be investing $131 million and adding 250 jobs to the Bowling Green plant where the Corvette is built, to prep it for the next-generation Corvette.

Don’t get too excited though; the current C6 Corvette still has at least two more model years to soldier on, so while we will likely see a special 60th anniversary model, the next-generation Corvette won’t hit showrooms for at least three more years. The $131 million investment comes at a time when rumors regarding the Corvette and the assembly plant where it is built are reaching a fever pitch. In what could be seen as a desperate bid to hold on to the Assembly plant (and the 400+ jobs associated with it) Kentucky lawmakers tried to make the Corvette the official state car.

Lawmakers also approved a $7.5 million tax incentive to keep the plant where it is, so we’re sure that helped. Though to be honest, with Corvette sales hovering around just 1,000 units a month, it doesn’t make much sense to run off and build a whole new plant for such a low volume vehicle (even though sales peaked at over 50,000 units annually just a few years ago.)

So there you have it; the next-generation Corvette is on its way, and it will definitely be built in Kentucky. Everybody wins!

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