Corvettes You Should Watch For: Philip Tarin’s Unique 2008 Z06

There are a lot of Z06s out there but none like this…

In the world of automobiles, what you drive is all about personal style. While it may be different for your grocery-getter at home, when it comes to your show or race car, it’s got to make a statement. That’s exactly what Philip Tarin’s ‘08 Corvette Z06 does – showcasing a unique personal style that no other Z06 has. While the car may not have four-digit horsepower or flames shooting out the rear end, Tarin’s Z06 is a sleek example of what it means to make your car your own.

We first heard about Tarin’s Corvette through the good folks at the Goodguys Rod & Custom Association and after talking to Tarin himself, it is obvious that his car fits him to the tee.

The ZR1 fenders and wheels give Tarin's Z06 a stance that is as unique as his own personal style.

Since his purchase of the car just about a year ago, Tarin has put some effort into making the car his own. To give the car a unique stance, Tarin equipped his Z06 with ZR1 fenders and the wheels to match. A carbon fiber hood, front splitter and rear spoiler finish off the car’s look.

“I wanted to have something different and unique,” said Tarin. “There are a lot of Z06s out there but none like this.”

Under the hood sits what might be the world's best pushrod V8 - the mighty LS7

Tarin’s car looks impressive, but it also has the goods to back it up. While retaining the stock engine for the most part, Tarin has added a Corsa cat-back exhaust, long tube headers, a cold air intake, and a short-throw shifter to give his Corvette a bit of an edge. The car is also performance tuned and fitted with Penske coilovers for optimum street/strip handling.

Perfecting the Z06 has come as second nature for Tarin, as he has already built one ten-second drag car – a ‘98 Mustang. Of course, we had to get to the bottom of how he went from being a Mustang guy to a Corvette guy.

“I was drawn into buying a Z06 after building a Cobra, which now makes 700 HP, due to that it was too aggressive for the street,” Tarin told us. “The car is extremely loud and the police either love it or hate it. After being harassed numerous times, the love I had for driving it around was slowly vanishing. Already having love for Chevys and in particular the Z06, I did some random searching for Z06’s for sale and when I found one I liked, it was a done deal. I bought the car and fell in love with it the moment I drove it off the lot.”

It may not be a Corvette, but Tarin's 700 HP Mustang Cobra has given him all the skills he needs to modify and drive the snot out of his Z06.

Already having the seat time in his Cobra, Tarin can definitely attest to his Z06’s performance.

“It was crazy to see how well this car performed and compared to my other car after putting on just a simple exhaust and cold air intake,” he told us. “I can now drive around in a car just as fast without the attention from the police, go to the track and run an 11.3-second quarter mile at 123 MPH and then go to dinner afterwards. I couldn’t ask for a greater feeling when driving a car.”

Now that Tarin knows what his car is capable of, its time to step it up another notch. While he doesn’t plan on doing anything too crazy, Tarin wants to put in a bigger camshaft and maybe do some minor interior upgrades, possibly a suede headliner or dash in the future. He’s also looking into getting a set of deep dish wheels to replace the ZR1 rims.

Although Tarin has showed the car a few times, he hopes to take the Corvette to more events in the future. In addition to dappling in autocross, Tarin has dreams of taking the car to the SEMA Show in the next couple years.

In a world full of unique rides everywhere you look, Tarin has managed to come up with a Corvette that’s all his own. And nothing speaks volumes of a true car guy like coming up with a personal style that hasn’t been seen before.

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