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Sublime Brandywine – 1979 Corvette Gets A Makeover

From the rust belt of the Midwest, to the Central California coast, this '79 Corvette was snatched from the grim reaper and adopted by a kind couple who have lavished a life of luxury on the once neglected Shark.Read More


Built To Drive: ’69 Corvette Stingray Honors American Racing

Here's a nasty racer C3. Styled after cars from the 1967 American International Racing program, Dale's Corvette is the perfect blend of function, form, and American racing nostalgia.Read More


C4 Corvette Gets Powerful New Lease On Life With LS Swap

Here's an LS swap you might not have seen before. Ditching an L98 for an LS is always a step in the right direction. See what it took to get this old C4 updated with modern Chevy power.Read More


Double Vision: The Childers Brothers’ ’71 Corvettes

What's better than a Corvette? TWO Corvettes. Check out these almost identical 1971 Daytona Yellow Corvette roadsters owned by the Childer brothers. They've been lovingly restored and each has a story to tell. Read More


Radical In Red: Fran Schatz’s Procharged 2007 Z06 Corvette

Fran Schatz has a passion for horsepower and made it his mission to do what he loves everyday....and that includes putting his blown, 7-second Z06 Corvette into the LSX record books.Read More


TCI Engineering Pairs With Goodguys For 2016 Giveaway Car

The Goodguys Rod & Custom Association has been building giveaway cars since 1987. TCI Engineering has played a major role in getting some of the latest cars rolling! Check out the latest build inside!Read More


Excelsior Motorsports Track Tuned Z06 Turns Up The Heat

Excelsior Motorsports track tuned Z06 turns up the heat as it prepares for the next level. We have a look into some of the custom work performed.Read More


Jonathan Settrella Recreates His Custom 1963 Corvette Coupe

Jonathan Settrella had seller’s regret when he sold him custom 1963 Sting Ray years ago. Instead of moping around, he did something about it – he built a replica, and made it better!Read More


Team RaceArt And Their Number 006 Pratt & Miller C5.R

Ever wonder what goes into the GT Corvettes? It's not everyday that you get a breakdown of these legendary machines, but Team RaceArt gave us the full story on their Pratt & Miller C5.R.Read More

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Marco’s 1964 C2 Corvette Is A Potent Powerhouse

Never satisfied with the factory design of a vehicle, Marco set out to make his ideal street car. The Corvettes' build spanned over 10 years and more than 2,000 hours.Read More


C7 Corvette Grand Sport Revealed: An All-Motor Z06 With Hash Stripes

A quick look at the Grand Sport spec sheet reveals a car very much like the C7 Z06, minus the 650-horsepower supercharged LT4 under the hood.Read More


His & Her’s: Leola’s C2 & Bob’s Chevrolet COE

There's a whole subset of the automotive community that is vehemently opposed to any vehicle that travels via trailer or tow. In the case of Bob and Leola 'Lee' Klosterbuer hauling is exactly half the fun!Read More


Introducing Michael Brown And His Unbelievable Chevy Collection

With a passion that began at a young age, Michael Brown has always been intrigued with Chevrolet automobiles. Decades later, check out his stellar collection of both new and old rides. You won't be disappointed.Read More


Sandman Dewey Powell & The World’s Only 392 Hemi 4WD Corvette

Imagine this black Vette on the white sand coming to bail you out! Check out our feature of Dewey Powell's 392 Hemi-powered four wheel drive Corvette.Read More


Triple-Threat Corvette – A Trilogy of Buildups on a 1967 Roadster

Sometimes it takes a few tries to get something just right, and that was the case with Terry's 1967 Sting Ray. Check out his story and see how it all turned out!Read More


An Oldie Reimagined With Gary Atkins 1957 Chevy Corvette

Laying our eyes across several customs at the 18th Goodguys Southwest Nationals show in Scottsdale, Arizona we stumbled by one stunning Corvette. Click here to check out this slick custom Corvette from every angle.Read More

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