Automobile Magazine the Latest to Render the C7 Corvette

Let’s just start out by saying we’re as frustrated as you are. All this talk about the next-generation Corvette has gotten us antsy about the C7 arrival, maybe a bit too prematurely, and now we’re just chomping at the bit waiting for even a teaser photo of the new model to be released. We’ve seen plenty of “spy shots” and video of test mules out and about, but nothing beats the real deal. So, when we can’t see the real thing, why not create renderings of what we think the C7 Corvette will look like when it makes its debut next year? As we found out from CorvetteBlogger, that’s exactly what Automobile Magazine has done for their June issue. Call us pessimists, but is all this really getting us any closer to the real C7?

The C7 is an important milestone for the Corvette. It is, after all, the next generation of America’s favorite sports car. But, with all the hype we’ve been seeing lately, most of which is merely exercises in guesstimation, we’re kind of over the new model and it hasn’t even been revealed yet. None the less, the C7 continues to gain attention with a snowball effect, sure to explode come January 2013 when the model makes its debut at the Detroit Auto Show.

Could it be that the C7 will actually look like this? Now that Jalopnik and Automobile Magazine have come up with very similar renderings, we're thinking they might be on to something. Image: Jalopnik

The latest hype comes in the form of Automobile Magazine’s C7 rendering. In an article about which cars are getting updates in the next couple years, the C7 is discussed along with an image of what Automobile Magazine thinks the car will actually look like. In the article, editors of the magazine talk about the eight-speed automatic transmission, smaller size, upgraded interior and base engine expected to come in the 2014 model.

While the rendering is pretty impressive, we can’t help but to see the similarities between it and the one Jalopnik revealed last year. You know, the one that GM claimed on their official Corvette Facebook page was a good effort but not really what the C7 looked like back in November?

Maybe GM really was pulling our leg at the time and the C7 will look much like what we’ve already seen. Either way, it’s obvious that enthusiasm for the next-gen Corvette is not going away, frustrating or not.

For a look at the full C7 excerpt from Automobile Magazine, be sure to check out CorvetteBlogger’s article.

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