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Tom Bobolts Publisher

Tom started working for Power Automedia in early 2008 at the young age of 20. Starting off as an intern spinning wrenches in the PowerTV garage, Tom cut his teeth helping us build the very project cars we feature. Since moving inside the office, most of his time is spent writing and shooting installs - but he still finds time to get out in the shop. Outside of work, Tom enjoys a variety of different motorsports from Street Bikes, Muscle Cars and just about anything that demands high amounts of horsepower.

Considering that we are a video production company and that we publish online magazines, it comes as no surprise that we occasionally geek out a bit on new camera hardware. The latest gadgets to really get our techno-blood pumping are the new Go Pro HD HERO cameras.

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Coming to you this month from fancy Orange County for our monthly babe of the month feature is none other than “Kay Morgan”. Kay’s a life long car girl, and she really gets hands on being a fixture in the automotive performance scene out here in Cali.

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