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Craig Moya Guest Contributor

Craig Moya bought his first Corvette the day he turned 30. Since then, he has owned eight, including the fully-restored ’63 coupe, the ’01 convertible, and the ’03 50th Anniversary Edition coupe now in his garage. Craig is a three-time past president of the Corvette Owners Club of San Diego and is a principal in Angelwings Tech, a manufacturer of products geared for track day participants.

Want to clip some cones or carve some apexes in your Corvette? Getting started in track day and autocross events is easier than you might think, and it gives you a chance to improve the most important performance part in your car – your own driving abilities. Here’s some tips for your first time…

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For years, the self-described purists among Corvette collectors looked down their noses at ‘58s, largely because they perceived the unique-for-1958 styling touches to be excessive. That kind of snobbery didn’t bother Jay Orband when he found his ’58 in 1992.

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