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Corvette Funfest 2015 – One Spectacular Show

Thanks to the team at Mid America Motorworks, we were able to spend several days at the annual Corvette Funfest. Read More


Purifoy Builds One Awesome C7 Stingray to Debut at Corvette Funfest

Purifoy Chevrolet continues to produce some awesome Corvettes high in the Rocky Mountains, luckily we were able to catch up with them in Illinois! Read More


Mid America Motorworks Presents – Corvette Funfest 2014

Corvette Online travels to Effingham, Illinois to bring you coverage of the largest Corvette show in the United States, held on the beautiful grounds of Mid America Motorworks. Read More


Corvette Funfest 2014 Kicks Off With a Wave

Check out a snapshot at what the 2014 Corvette Funfest has been like so far, and what we still have to look forward to! Read More

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Video: Highlights of the ’13 Mid America Motorworks Corvette Funfest

Check out some of the highlights from Mid America Motorworks' 2013 Corvette Funfest. If you've never been before, you don't want to miss this event next year! Read More


World Classic Rockers Headline at the 2012 Corvette Funfest

Featuring members of Journey, Santana, Boston, Lynyrd Skynyrd, and Steppenwolf, the group played some of rock's most memorable hits to an appreciative crowd at Mid America Motorworks' 2012 Corvette Funfest. Read More


Behind the Scenes at Corvette Funfest 2012

Meet some of the people who make the world's largest Corvette gathering possible, from fans of America's sports car to the hard-working mechanics in the Install Dome. Read More


Video Tour of the 2012 Corvette Funfest at Mid America Motorworks

This year's theme was the celebration of the iconic 1963 Corvette's 50th anniversary, and Y-body aficionados from every corner of North America gathered to enjoy a long weekend full of Corvettes, entertainment, and education. Check out our own exclusive Funfest videos! Read More


Corvette Funfest 2012

One of the biggest feast days on the calendar of the Church of Corvette falls every year in mid-September, calling the faithful back to the dead center of Illinois and a little town called Effingham. Thousands upon thousands of Y-body owners and fans converge there each year, and every one of them has a story... Read More


2012 Funfest Install Dome Time Lapse Video

One of the really cool things about the Install Dome is that would-be parts buyers get a chance to see (and hear) what the hardware is all about on other cars before making the leap themselves. Each Corvette that came off the lifts with the eager bark of a new set of pipes was another temptation... Read More


2012 FunFest Saturday Entertainment Announced

Mid America Motorworks' annual Corvette Funfest always features some amazing entertainment on Saturday night, and this year it's going to be like your classic rock iTunes playlist on shuffle! Read More


Time Capsule to Commemorate Corvette’s 100th Anniversary at FunFest

The 100th anniversary of any given occasion is a monumental event and for Corvette, we have a feeling that milestone will spark a grand celebration. We’re a few years off yet, but preparation for the anniversary has already started with Mid America Motorworks announcing that they will seal a time capsule for 2053 Read More


Mid America Motorworks Wants Your Stories and Pictures from Funfest

The Mid America Motorworks Corvette Funfest was a blast last year and we brought you coverage all weekend long from the event. But nothing is like experiencing it for yourself as many Corvette fans know. That’s why the company is currently asking for your submissions for the 2011 Funfest Yearbook. Read More


Corvette Funfest 2012 Theme: “Celebrating 50 Years of Stingray”

Mid America Motorworks has announced the theme for the forthcoming 2012 Corvette Funfest, which will be held on September 13th through 16th of next year. The 2012 Funfest is set to be a celebration of 50th anniversary of the iconic 1963 Corvette Stingray’s debut - the "rolling symbol of the 60's American Dream." Read More


Video: Corvette Funfest Celebrity Choice Judging

PowerTV was honored to be chosen to provide a Celebrity Judge at this year’s Funfest, and now we have a look at a few of the other celebrity judges and how they go about making their selections. Read More

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Video: powerTV’s Corvette Funfest 2011 Celebrity Choice Winners

Choosing our three favorite Vettes was no easy task, as there were over 15,000 Corvettes in attendance at this year’s Funfest. But after much deliberation, and countless hours spent combing over the finest cars Funfest had to offer, powerTV’s Celebrity Picks were bestowed on these three remarkable Corvettes. Read More

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