Steering Pump Problems? Turn One Tech Tips Provides Some Answers

If you notice that your steering pump gently weeps, you could be pushing it too hard and overheating the fluid. Turn One has a fix for that with its modified GM-style steering pumps for street and track. Read More


Shad Balch – Corvette Peeps You Should Know

The first in a series, Corvette Online brings you a who's who of the team shaping Chevy's sports car. Shad Balch has a sweetheart of a gig evangelizing not just the Corvette but all of Chevy's all-star lineup. Read More


Master Power Brakes Debuts Booster Master Conversion Kit For C1s

New from Master Power Brakes – the re-engineered Booster Master Conversion kit for C1s. This kit has a model-specific firewall bracket and a seven-inch dual booster for secure stopping power. Check it out! Read More


Project C700: Keepin’ It Cool With C&R Racing and Chevy Performance

With the last few mods, we've extracted a substantial amount of power from our C7 project car. So, in the interest of balance and keeping our machine reliable, we introduced some greater cooling capabilities. Read More


Like Hotcakes – Sales Numbers Are In For 2016 Corvette Production

2016 has turned out to be another blockbuster year for Corvette sales and quite a feat for a car that is settling into middle age. Which begs the question, why would Chevrolet mess with this winning formula? Read More


Hooker Introduces New Blackheart Products For C6 and C7 Corvettes

Holley and Hooker have been known for decades as suppliers of American made performance products that deliver excellent performance gains. The new Hooker Blackheart Corvette exhaust products continue that tradition. Read More


Will The New Corvette ZR1 Have A Mid-Engine 750 HP LT5?

Sources claiming to have close ties to GM are saying that not only will the Corvette ZR1/Zora be mid-engined, it will be powered by a 750 horsepower LT5. Read More


Video – Mid America Motorworks Corvette Seat Covers

Bam. Your Corvette can be a whole lot better with recovered seats. Mid America Motorworks can help you out. It's probably the best bang for the buck to take your 'Vette from sad to superstar. Read More


Forgeline’s Drop Dead Gorgeous Monoblock AR1 Wheels Make C7 Sing

Forgeline has a cool C7 Z06 project car that showcases it's monoblock, AR1 wheels. They fit many cars but look especially bitchin' on the C7 Corvette. There's a gaggle of other cool C7 tweaks was well. Read More


Rebuild Tip Of The Week: Fuel Injection Tech Tips With FiTech

FiTech gives us some insider information on how to keep your fuel injection system running at the best possible levels of reliability and efficiency. This tip will help you wire a great upgrade onto your car. Read More


Ridetech Launches Delrin Bushings For C7s

New from Ridetech – Delrin bushing kits for the C7 Corvette. These bushings are direct-fit and are designed to eliminate control arm shifting while driving. Check 'em out! Read More


Women Arrested With Kids In The Trunk Of A Corvette

Two ladies were collared after cops responded to a report of kids in the trunk of a Corvette. We don't know about you, but we know more than a few kids that should spend some time in a trunk. Just kidding. Enjoy! Read More


Flaming River Rack And Pinion Steering Kits For C2/C3 Corvettes

We love old school cool, but 50 year old technology doesn't cut it these days. Flaming River makes an easily installed, cradle based rack and pinion steering kit for C2's and C3's and other popular cars. Read More


C4 Corvette Gets Powerful New Lease On Life With LS Swap

Here's an LS swap you might not have seen before. Ditching an L98 for an LS is always a step in the right direction. See what it took to get this old C4 updated with modern Chevy power. Read More


Ronald McDonald Central Valley Raffle – Win A 1963 Corvette AND $20K

Ronald McDonald House of Central Valley is raffling off a bitchin' '63 Corvette AND $20K to offset taxes. Don't just stand there, buy a ticket! It helps kids in need. There's a '16 Z06 and Cobra offered too! Read More


Bendpak Moving Along With 70,000 Sq/Ft. Expansion In California

Like many companies in the automotive aftermarket, Bendpak Ranger Products, are growing and expanding their operations, and that’s great news for our industry, proving that the hobby is alive and well. Read More


Jeepers, Where’d ‘Ya Get Those Peepers? C3 Corvette Eye Transplant

Medical science has yet to figure out how to transplant a human eye. Johnny Burk and Hot Rods by Auto Art have already pulled off such a feat, albeit with a '73 'Vette as the patient. See the first C3 with C7 eyes. Read More


Diablosport Launches Tuning Support For The C6 ZR1

New from Diablosport – tuning support for the 2009-13 Corvette ZR1. Tuning can now be done on the company's platforms including inTune i2 and Trinity, and will unleash another 23 horsepower and 29 lb-ft of torque. Read More


Edelbrock Comes Out With New Line Of Heads Builders Can Do More With

Most cylinder heads come from the factory with a basic porting already done. This means that in many cases a professional porter or engine builder will have to "unport" the heads first. Not anymore. Read More


Is June’s Soft Sales Enough To Get GM Looking Toward The C8?

The C7 has done astronomically well in the world of sports cars, but recent sales figures show the beginning of a decline... Could this – plus all the news of mid-engine cars and C8s – spell the end of the 7th G Read More